Giving Back

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My wife and I would like to thank you for our new two story home addition in San Leandro. You and your team have been really great. We were very impressed by the carefulness in which your crew handles themselves in the building phase of our near 1,000 square foot project.

We would also like to thank you for being very responsive to our phone calls and for communicating with us about any concerns we might have had during the construction phase. This was very comforting to us and gave us piece of mind knowing you cared about our home as much as we do.

To see the foundation poured and then only after two months to see almost a whole new house emerge was really amazing. We had no idea of what a daunting task building a small to medium addition would be. You and your crew made it look easy.

We appreciate that you did not “nickel and dime” us and kept to the original bid you gave us at the start of the project. It was clear to us that you knew how much the project would cost from start to finish. We were impressed with the way you handled the unexpected items that arose during our project, and we appreciate the way you did not panic and came up with reasonable solutions. We now realize that any time you tie into an original “pre-existing” structure, there will be some unforeseen complications.

My wife is very excited about our new bathroom that you constructed under the house. We are amazed that the storage area we had could be turned into such a beautiful bathroom. We will soon be painting and carpeting our new addition and can’t wait to use our new movie theater and upstairs dining room / retreat area.

Please don’t hesitate to show your great work off to perceptive clients. We would be happy to show them your excellent work. However, if they want popcorn and a movie, they will have to buy a ticket! We are confident that you will never be short clients due to your professionalism, integrity, and honesty.

We really appreciate all your hard work and the dedication you and your crew put into our project. It was a pleasure to work with all of you.

– Scott and Barbara Jackson

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